2006 Hummer H3 Recalls

What To Do If Your H3 Has Been Recalled

The following recalls have been announced by Hummer, so if you own a 2006 H3 take action immediately to get your automobile fixed. Interested in how this information is collected? Read more about recalls and the NHTSA.

  1. Call Hummer to get more information. Verify that the cost of repairs will be covered free of charge.
  2. Setup an appointment with a local authorized mechanic to schedule your maintenance.
  3. Keep up to date with recalls for your vehicle by following this page.

Recent 2006 H3 Recalls


    • Recall Announced JULY 01 2015
    • NHTSA Reference #15V421000
    • Number Affected 164,993

    Summary: General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain model year 2006-2010 Hummer H3 vehicles manufactured February 5, 2005, to May 24, 2010, and 2009-2010 Hummer H3T vehicles manufactured May 21, 2008, to May 24, 2010. In the affected vehicles, the connector module that controls the blower motor speed for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system may overheat.

    Consequence: If the blower motor connector module overheats, it can increase the risk of a fire.

    Fix: GM will notify owners, and dealers will replace part of the blower motor connector and harness, free of charge. The recall began February 26, 2016. Owners may contact Hummer customer service at 1-800-732-5493. GM's number for this recall is 15042.

    For detailed information & supporting documents, see the official NHTSA page concerning recall #15V421000 »

  • STRUCTURE:BODY:HOOD Recall for 2006 Hummer H3

    • Recall Announced APRIL 30 2010
    • NHTSA Reference #10V179000
    • Number Affected 162,129

    Summary: GM is recalling certain model year 2006 through 2010 Hummer H3 vehicles. Some of these vehicles have a condition in which the integral clip-tabs on the louver on the hood may fracture, causing the hood louver rattle against the hood and become loose. If this indicator is unnoticed, additional clips could fracture and the hood louver could detach from the vehicle.

    Consequence: If the vehicle is being driving when this occurs, it could strike a following vehicle and cause injury and/or property damage.

    Fix: Dealers will apply an adhesive to the hood louver to secure it to the hood. This service will be performed free of charge. The safety recall began on April 12, 2010. Owners may contact Hummer at 800-732-5493 or at the owner center at www.gmownercenter.com.

    For detailed information & supporting documents, see the official NHTSA page concerning recall #10V179000 »

  • AIR BAGS:FRONTAL Recall for 2006 Hummer H3

    • Recall Announced OCTOBER 31 2006
    • NHTSA Reference #06V417000
    • Number Affected 794

    Summary: Certain vehicles originally built with cloth seats that were equipped with an automatic air bag passenger sensing system and later reupholstered with aftermarket leather seat cover kits are involved. Testing has indicated that the aftermarket leather seat covers can cause the passenger sensing system to malfunction.

    Consequence: If the passenger sensing system malfunctions, the front air bag on the passenger side may be disabled when it should be enabled, or enabled when it should be disabled. In either case, in the event of a crash that requires air bag deployment, a front passenger's level of injury may be increased.

    Fix: Because a replacement leather seat cover that is compatible with the passenger sensing system is not available, General Motors (GM) will repurchase these vehicles in accordance with the terms stated in GM's letter to owners. The recall began on November 6, 2006. Owners should contact GM at 1-877-477-1022 to begin the process of repurchasing their vehicle.

    For detailed information & supporting documents, see the official NHTSA page concerning recall #06V417000 »

  • EQUIPMENT:OTHER:LABELS Recall for 2006 Hummer H3

    • Recall Announced DECEMBER 07 2005
    • NHTSA Reference #05V552000
    • Number Affected 32,068

    Summary: Certain trucks and sport utility vehicles fail to conform to the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard no. 110, "tire selection and rims." These vehicles were shipped with tire and loading information labels listing an inacccurate vehicle capacity weight.

    Consequence: A misprinted label could lead to improper vehicle loading specifications or tire inflation which could result in a tire failure, increasing the risk of a crash.

    Fix: Owners will be provided with corrected labels and installation instructions. At the customer's option, a dealer can install the label for them. The recall began on March 31, 2006. Owners may contact Buick at 1-866-608-8080, Cadillac at 1-866-982-2339, Chevrolet at 1-800-630-2438, GMC at 1-866-996-9463, Hummer at 1-800-732-5493, Pontiac at 1-800-620-7668, Saturn at 1-800-972-8876, or Isuzu at 1-800-255-6727.

    For detailed information & supporting documents, see the official NHTSA page concerning recall #05V552000 »

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