Is the H2 The Most Embarrassing Vehicle You Can Drive?

Once upon a time, Doug DeMuro called Hummer the most unreliable piece of crap he’s ever owned. Now he’s back to explain why the H2 is the most embarrassing car you can buy.

I’m getting the sense he’s not a fan.

Some of the reasons outlined in the video:

  1. The H2 is aimed at people who thought a real Hummer was cool, but couldn’t afford one. In essense it’s a real Hummer in styling, but not in capability.
  2. For instance, the hood hoops which were once mounted to the frame for crazy things like air-dropping behind enemy lines are now all for show.
  3. GM went to great lengths to give the H2 a unique frame with great ground clearance, then they turned around and stole 6” back by putting on side steps.
  4. This huge car has terrible visibility because of its tiny windows.
  5. There are, as he calls it, “acres of cheap General Motors plastic” throughout the interior.