H3 and H3T Vehicles Catching on Fire, At Least 3 Injured

Following 42 reports of fires, 3 reports of minor burns, and 1 giant headache for Hummer owners, GM announced a recall of nearly Hummer 200,000 vehicles.

Although no accidents have been blamed on the problem, three people have been burned from fires that started with overheating modules. The defective module controls the speed of the heating and air conditioning blower motor, but the module can overheat when the blower motor is used for long periods of time.

This is a long-time coming for Hummer owners who have been pleading for some sort of solution to their HVAC blower motors shorting out. The recall includes the 2006-2010 H3 and 2009-2010 H3T.

At least two of the vehicles were total losses after catching on fire, propting this rare Hummer recall.