Why Did GM Wait So Long to Recall Hummers on Fire?

Last week GM issued a recall after 42 reports of H3 and H3T vehicles catching on fire. But according to Jalopnik.com, they only did so after facing heat from regulators.

…the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration exclusively told Jalopnik that GM did not act until the feds threatened to launch a formal investigation.

The first reported Hummer H3 caught fire in August of 2008, and its owner notified NHTSA just a month later. In total, there were 73 incidents involving the HVAC blower motor, including reports of burned or melted components, smoke, and fire itself up to and including total loss of the vehicle, by our count.

Holy smokes. GM waited until January of 2015 to tell NHTSA about fires dating back to August 2008? This is the same company that took over a decade to report faulty ignition switches cutting off power and disabling airbags.

When it comes to safety issues, GM moves at speeds that make snails uncomfortable.